What is WordPress?

With over 46.000.000 yearly downloads, WordPress at this point is the application powering over 18% of all of the websites that are presently online. It is actually the most popular blogging platform available on the www and over time it has evolved into something much more. It’s easy to create any sort of web site with WordPress, from an e–commerce e–store to a portfolio website, with only a couple of clicks. And the best thing is that everything is free.

Furthermore, WordPress has superb community support. There are lots of free of charge WordPress themes, templates and plugins available out there and also a large number of websites which are devoted completely to WordPress.

WordPress is a registered trademark of the WordPress Foundation and shares no affiliation with Host On Inter.NET.

WordPress–Optimized Hosting Services with a Point–and–Click Control Panel

With Host On Inter.NET’s WordPress–optimized Linux cloud website hosting plans solutions, you will get your personal or business WordPress website published online with a mouse click. Simply go with WordPress from the web app setup drop–down menu and once we set up your account, we’ll add WordPress for you. That way, you can start working on your website right after the signup procedure has been completed and you also won’t have to handle any tech configuration settings.

The WordPress–optimized Linux cloud website hosting plans plans feature a drag–and–drop File Manager where your WordPress files are going to be located, a Database Manager for your databases, plus a fully featured Mailbox Manager through which you can handle your email messages with a mouse click.

Free WordPress Themes

If you need to quickly reconstruct a typical WordPress site into an online store, a portfolio, an enterprise site, a hair salon homepage, etc., then you can definitely use the bonus WordPress web templates built into Host On Inter.NET’s Web Hosting Control Panel. They are included with each and every one of the WordPress–optimized Linux cloud website hosting plans plans.

Each and every one of our web themes is completely free and completely customizable – you are able to modify it any way you prefer. And every theme can be installed with only a couple of mouse clicks.